Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingIs Your Business on Top of the Trends in Marketing?

Following the trends in marketing requires staying up to date
with technology and knowing exactly where trends are headed.

In August 2011, more than 72.2 million people in the United states
alone accessed social networking websites and blogs on their mobile device.
This is an increase of 37% from 2010. The majority of mobile social networkers
read posts from brands. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn post mobile growth
of a minimum of 50% from this new trend in mobile searching.

Over half of mobile social networkers access these sites on a daily basis.

 Smartphone User Stats, according to Google:

79%  are using their phones to help with price comparison,  shopping,  product info,  retailer locating

70% are using their phones while in a store.

77% are contacting a business through their mobile phone, of which 61%  are calling and 59%  are visiting the business.

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