Rank Determination

Rank Determination DiagramEver wonder what a visual representation would look like when
Google determines your website rank? SEO ranking has many aspects to it and using best practices and knowing what they are is one of
the keys to successful search engine optimization. The days of creating a website and putting it up on the web and expecting massive traffic to it over night is over. There are millions of websites and despite what you think, Google really does want you
to find what you are looking for when you search in their browser.

This is why they make a concerted effort and continue to change their algorthms and view your site manually. When you think about it, if people use Google as their browser and aren’t finding what they are looking for, they blame Google. Well, Google doesn’t want to be blamed for bad search results.

Putting SEO in a visual diagram helps the user to see what
strategies they are currently implementing for best practices in
ranking your website. As you can see, there are a lot of factors
and they are all interlinked. As you look throught the diagram
you’ll discover that SEO ranking is more complicated than you
might have realized.

For example, did you know Google looks at backlinks in reference to quality, the number of back links, how many are no follow back links. Regarding content quality, they are interested in page speed, keyword density, click through rate, bounce rate and page layout to name a few. Even though this diagram can look overwhelming, SEO and best practices can be achieved easily and professionally when done right.

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