Our Services

We offer multiple services for business owners and companies who recognize value and experience over perhaps trying to do it themselves.

Last year we saved one of our clients $1,200. in one year, by comparing how
much they were spending on printing and finding alternative sources. We work
with print vendors locally and nationally to match the best print price for the
project. Print pricing is one of those services/products that vary widely and
if you don’t have a resource of valuable print providers that speak the
language of printing, you may not realize you are paying too much for the
specific quality you’re getting. From business cards, to postcards, to
brochures and pamphlets, annual reports, bookmarks, newsletters, sale sheets,
letterheads and envelopes, we can more than likely reduce your printing costs
over what you’re spending now.
Brand Development
We see a lot of small businesses, especially in Maine work with different
sources to get their marketing. What they often don’t realize is they start to
become fragmented and lose their brand message and their branding image of
their company. In doing this, it only confuses the customer and shows less

Business Plan Writing and Consulting
What is your business plan? What are your goals and do you have a mission
statement? What is your strategy and do you have systems in place?

Digital and Print Graphics
Whether you need a logo, a business card, brochure or banner ad, we provide
graphic services for diverse clients. If you are a plumber or dentist or
reflexologist, our design services can give you the brand and image you are
looking for. For samples of design work, click here.

Mobile users and mobile marketing is a upward trend that is not going downward
anytime soon. According to mobithinking  that statistics on mobile users is phenonmonel and too many to list here, we encourage you to check out their site. There are 5.9 million mobile subscribers, did you know that is 87 percent of the world population? Growth at the time of this post is led by China and India. Mobile device sales rose in
2011, smartphones showing the strongest growth. If your company is not mobile
friendly you are losing out and may not know it. Just because your website
shows up on a mobile phone, does not mean you are mobile friendly. Mobile
friendly is fast uploads, quick easy to click icons and answering the question
for the on the go mobile user. Questions like, what are your hours? Where are
you located? Do you offer interactivity to me as a mobile user? Can I view your
webpages easily on my phone?

There’s a reason large corporations are using Facebook, they know the value of
social media and consumer interactivity and viral sharing. There is a method to
using Facebook and it’s important to follow proper protocol, otherwise you may
be leaving some fans behind, going elsewhere. Facebook is an invaluable
resource and networking site that allows you to reach, connect to and find out
what your customers want. What is your Facebook strategy and how is it working
with your company?

SEO SERVICES (Search Engine Optimization)
I take it for granted everyone knows what SEO means, until more than once I was discussing some SEO strategies I had implemented and the client paused and asked me what SEO meant. As the subhead of this paragraph, it means search engine optimization. SEO is complicated and requires planning and knowledge of how it works. If
you’re wondering why your site is not ranking well in the search engines,
you’re not alone. Years ago SEO was simpler and easier to get great rankings.
The reason? There were a lot less sites on the web back then. Now adays you
have to realize you are competing with millions of websites and smart companies
that know the value of high ranking. We provide SEO services to our clients, we
also offer a program where you can get results in advance before paying a dime.
If you have a particular keyword you want to rank for, we can provide top
ranking and you can see the results first. For more information and to see how
your site ranks now, click here.

Can you say Youtube? It’s been said that 500 years of YouTube video are watched
on Facebook every single day. 60 hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every
minute, up from just a couple of months ago, which it was only 48 hours of
video. Per day, more than 4 billion videos are viewed on Youtube alone. Break
that down in hours? In access of 3 billion hours of video are watched each
month. Every month, more than 800 million visitors go onto Youtube. All they
need is another 50 million and they will surpass Facebook. Do you think your
company could benefit from this type of traffic? 70% of YouTube traffic comes
from US. YouTube is localized in 39 countries and across 54 languages. How can
YouTube help your company? These are services we provide for our clients, showing them the value of video marketing and creating videos for their product or service.