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Webfire Review VideoLooking for a stream of traffic to your site without spending hours of your time? Watch over my shoulder as I show you how this software works.

Brilliant software! At Reach Up Marketing, we are all about efficiency, performance and results. What better way to achieve this than a system with a dashboard where you can perform everything in once place.  I’ve personally followed Brian Koz for years, he comes up with clever ways with software to generate leads and build businesses. The reason I’m saying this one is a winner is because of it’s affordability, ease of use and access to support and training. We have implemented just a few of the strategies he has recommended in one of the recorded webinars, and within days, we were seeing results.

Jayme ProctorI just made a video (click on green arrow above) to show you an insider’s view of the system. There is nothing to download, the system basically is a dashboard access to everything you need for online marketing and ranking your website. This is invaluable if you are looking to rank your website. It’s an all-in-one place for you to manage things like keywords, video uploading, article submission, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, forum commenting. Those are just a few, there are over 20 tools in this dashboard. Each tool is directly tied to software that helps you to perform tasks that in normal circumstances could take so much more time, hours, weeks, days. In today’s fast society, businesses online want results and they want ease of learning and understanding things like why their site is not ranking and what can they do about it. Not everyone wants to pay top dollar for SEO services. Webfire solves a problem that has been going on now for several years. The price is very reasonable and it’s not loaded with typical upsells that so many programs have today. You can save by purchasing it on the annual level, or you can purchase monthly. We felt the value of purchasing it one time annually, far outweighed the monthly cost and had a greater savings.

I will be creating more videos showing insider look at Webfire and its capabilities. If you know the value of saving time in your marketing strategies, this is for you. If you also struggle with information overload or do not feel as if you are technically savvy, this is also for you. It is very easy to use and saves you so much time because it’s all in once place. Please feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions.

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